Bombardier Quads

Gull Pirates

Name: Ijj, Niu, Za, Shi
AKA: Squadron Kozzori
Occupation: Powder Monkey, Bombardier
Species: Gull (Laridomoae)
Gender: M, M, F, M
Age: 17
Height: Avg: 4'7"
Faction: Gull Pirates
Loyalty: Gull Pirates
Enemies: Royal Navy
Combat Method: Bombs, Physical (Talons)
Magics: Fire
Affiliations: Peg-Legged Raider


Having the the majority of their fleet always out far in the Swim, it is difficult for the pirate raiders to deal vasts amounts of damage to enemy fleets without getting with cannon rage, and of course, if their cannons are in range, so are the enemies.

However, there are families of gulls who train their whole lives to carry payloads long distances to rain devastating destruction upon their enemies. The Bombardier Quads are an example of such excellent training and upbringing. From fledglings, the quads were forced to carry large stones and rocks to build strength in their wings. They would play over vast bodies of water to build stamina for long distance flights. All seemingly innocent games, training them to become among most deadly and feared units of the Gull Pirate fleet.


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The Bombardiers was one of the simpler Heroes to design, with an aim similar to that of Peg-Legged Raider, in that they were envisioned as being a pain for everyone at the table, reminding them that the Pirates are a global nuisance. Not much has really changed, other than the type of damage that's dealt by the ability, as the gradual chipping away has felt like a steady and predictable dose of damage that can be followed up with the Quads' reliable stats.