Bald Brawler

Gull Pirates

Name: Tsuki Tal
AKA: Oncoming
Occupation: Carpenter, Brawler
Species: Gymnosauros
Gender: Male
Age: 34
Height: 6'5"
Faction: Gull Pirates
Loyalty: Gull Pirates
Enemies: None
Combat Method: Physical (Wingclaws, Beak)
Magics: Focus
Affiliations: None


Tsuki Tai is sometimes seen as not a true Pirate amongst the fleet. Not because he was never always a Pirate, as many of the Fleet aren't born into it, but because his interests don't revolve around self-fortune and stealing. Instead, Tsuki Tai identifies as his occupation, simply a brawler. He lives for the fight, more so than most other brawlers within the Fleet, he simply desires the adrenaline, the aggression, the violence and brutality of standing in the middle of a battlefield and losing control fighting. He's been known to charge down through lines of enemy soldiers, chasing single targets, sometimes important, sometimes not, and display such a passionate fury and terror that no enemy dared approach him until he calmed. But he the beast calmed with blood on his beak and claws, few men wanted to test the beast.

This has made Tsuki Tai incredibly frightening to not only the Navy and Saolkam, but to even the Pirates themselves. Few other Brawlers are quite so effective at their job that they can end battles simply by causing fear, by frightening soldiers into submission. No one is in any doubt that this brawler lives for the fight and the battle alone, and is not simply after the predictable goal of wealth. Which worries the Pirates especially, as they have to wonder what will happen if they win the War and Tsuki Tai still wants to fight, when the reward is simply not enough?


  • You cannot declare an attack until a Hero is marked.
  • Once a Hero is marked, you cannot change the Mark.
  • If a marked Hero is shuffled away, the Mark is removed. If that Hero is re-Hired the same turn, the Mark does not return to them.
  • Advanced Strategy cards can be played, but will not attach to Brawler, even if they confer stat bonuses.
  • An attached Strategy card continues to confer those exact bonuses to Brawler as if they were played as the Strategy that turn, and stack with each other.
  • Attached Strategy cards do not go into the discard pile, and will remain physically with the Brawler until they are discarded when the Mark leaves play.
  • The attached Strategies bonuses apply to any combat Brawler is in, including when non-marked Heroes attack Brawler.
  • As soon as the marked Hero leaves play for any reason, the Mark is removed and all attached Strategies are discarded from play.


The Brawler has gone through countless changes as we've tried to work out exactly how to build them. Even as I write this, he's due for another update to his rules before these notes even get posted.

He was originally designed as a Hero, similar to Steed, whose primary purpose was to take down problem Heroes.

His ability has changed a number of times as we've been trying to make sure to balance his ability from one that became too strong too quickly, or remained too weak for too long. We also wanted to make sure that when he did become strong that he wasn't simply unstoppable, and would always have a window of attack. We had considered that the buffs he received would only apply against his Mark, but then flanks became far too strong as a pre-emptive from other Heroes, and allowing him to attack freely became dangerous and dominated the board. We also tried giving him buffs to random, set, or limited stats, but then felt that his attacks became predictable and uninteresting, or that they left him too weak in his other stats.

We finally decided that allowing him to buff as he attacks, but retain those buffs until his target died, would mean he would become incredibly strong very quickly, survive flanks, but never be able to abuse it. His mark would die, and he'd have to be very careful about how he handled the next couple of turns if he wanted to survive.

As I'm writing this now, we're ready to change his ability further, from set +3/+2/+2 per attack into keeping Basic Strategies as bonuses. We're doing this partly as a way to more easily track his bonuses visually for everyone, and partly to keep the Hero more dynamic and interesting to play, rather than becoming the same flatly powerful face-puncher.