Clifftop Captain

Saolkam Royals

Name: Ivardan
AKA: None
Occupation: Wall Protector
Species: Human
Gender: Male
Age: 44
Height: 5'10"
Faction: Dymaer Royals
Loyalty: Saolkam
Enemies: Gull Pirates
Combat Method: Spear, Sword
Magics: Fortify
Affiliations: Wartoise


The Wall Protectors of the Cliffside have the challenging task of needing to be in two places at once. While much of the walls around the cities are guarded by patrols and Toises on foot, with the safety of forests or coastal barricades, the top of the cliffs present a different problem: the flying Pirates.

While the walls themselves upon the clifftop are rarely attacked by anyone other than the Pirates, the Pirates are quite free to either push into the walls from the edge of the cliff to break down defences and barricades, or to simply fly over and head straight for the walls and what soldiers remain there. The obvious answer would have been to simply bring the defences closer to the walls, and that was once the case, but giving the Pirates such a wide berth upon the edge of the cliff only allowed them to arrive en masse with little warning, and prepare frighteningly quick assaults. This would result in numerous raiders attacking the walls from above, while more pushed on the ground, leaving way for the frightening Brawlers to charge the soldiers on foot. This often resulted in defeat, and before the Battle of StormWall, this perpetual defeat at the clifftop looked to be one of the key signals that Saolkam would fall to the Gulls.

Ivardan, the Captain of the entire Clifftop defence, made it his mission to devise a way to stop this, and when he finally came up with the solution was met with much resistance, as it not only seemed counter-intuitive, but required an enormous amount of training to be done and new tactics learnt. His superiors were shaky at first, and allowed the training in small doses, but after the Battle of StormWall, when the raids were much less constant, he was finally given permission to roll out his new plan in full.

Which was simply to defend both points, the cliff edge and the wall, at once. His soldiers were needing to be trained in endurance, stamina, coordination and communication under stress as well as a full regiment of training with spears and javelins. This would ensure that they were able to move quickly and efficiently to exactly where they needed to be, regardless of the situation around them. Soldiers would need to be able to disengage from intense fights to reposition up to 100 feet away, in full armour, and immediately reengage in battle again, sometimes with the same Pirates who would simply fly over them. The new weapon training not only worked as a shock tactic for the Gulls who had not needed to fight against them, but landing Gulls upon the cliffs and walls were also immediately met with action from long-reach weapons, forcing the Gulls into a disadvantage or injury before they had even landed and begun the fight. The tactic had worked impressively well. The Gulls were never given a large space on the cliffs to prepare a full assault or keep their Brawlers unharmed before reaching the middle of the fight, and flyover Raiders were shot at the entire distance of the cliffside before even reaching the wall, making their journey that much more dangerous.

The cliffside quickly became a much safer region, and raids upon the high city, which were once frequent and brutal, had become few and often unsuccessful. Of course,with this overwhelming success came a price, as the raids upon the cliffs turned into much more coordinated Gull assaults as they developed new tactics and brought more numbers with them, often only attacking at key strategic moments. Ivardan, however, hasn't let this stop him or his soldiers from fighting ever more effectively and successfully.


  • You do not need to discard any cards for Captain's ability, although you will also confer no benefit from either.
  • A minimum of 1 damage must be dealt for Captain's damage to be increased by his Assault ability.
  • If Clifftop Captain is shuffled away and re-Hired during the same Day Phase, his ability will be reset and he is treated as if his ability was never activated.


The Captain was another Hero like Mournful Cecaelia, that we liked the idea of having the Hero be able to act or play differently depending on which stage in the game you Hired him. We wanted Captain to be quite aggressive and powerful, able to hit hard and score kills with a reliable punch, so giving the player the option to choose how much harder they'd like to hit seemed like a good starting point. Giving him the second ability as an equally costed flipside seemed like a good alternative too, allowing him to retreat and bunker down for the late game when he's just trying to survive the fights for long enough to be the last hero standing.