Cosplay Goblin

Wild Goblins

Name: Dizzifrax
AKA: None
Occupation: Professional Cosplayer
Species: Goblin (Promo Sapien)
Gender: Genderfluid
Age: 26
Height: 4'8"
Faction: Wild Goblins
Loyalty: Goblins, Mimics, Cosplayers
Enemies: None
Combat Method: Trickery and Disguise
Magics: None
Affiliations: None


Often when the inhabitants of prepare themselves for festivities and parties, it is not uncommon for them to dress up in colourful garbs and costumes. These costume parties are often large and flamboyant, bringing all manner of inhabitants together in an orgy of colour.

not only do these parties attract characters of all descriptions, they also call out to the mischievous nature of the Wild Goblins. Specifically Dizzifrax the Cosplay Goblin. He frequents these events whenever he can, dressing up as characters from across the lands with such accuracy the attendees often mistake him for the creature he is dressed up as.

This also makes him a master of deception being able to blend into any situation and getting accepted by creatures across the land. He is even highly admired by the Mimics who see him almost as a god, a sentient non Mimic who can change his form and appearance to anything he pleases.


  • You can name any legal Hero in the entire Skulls and Gold game, and are not restricted to Heroes that are currently in play or in the Hero deck.
  • Cosplay Goblins original ability will never be removed by cosplaying as other Heroes, and is always able to cosplay again at the end of every Day Phase.
  • Cosplaying will gain you the text ability of a Hero only, and will not change Cosplay Goblins stats, health or gold.
  • Cosplayed abilities are removed at the same time as you have the opportunity to select a new ability, and therefore never overlap.
  • You may select the same Hero any number of times, or you may select a different Hero each time.
  • Cosplaying as a Hero does not count as being Hired, and changing cosplays does not count as leaving play. This means that any abilities based on leaving play or being hired will never trigger by cosplaying.
  • If Hero specific actions are to be taken, such as distributing Nested Skulls or moving tokens, while cosplaying as a Hero that is also in play, the player in Initiative order will make those decisions.
  • If cosplaying as Bald Brawler, attached cards will detach at the end of the day Phase unless you choose to cosplay Bald Brawler again immediately. Also, if there is a Mark token already in play, you must attack that Hero as if you selected who has the Mark.
  • If cosplaying as Skull Collector, any Nested Skulls will go to the same Nest as Skull Collector will add Skulls to. You do not get a separate Nest. Stopping cosplaying as Skull Collector does not count as leaving play, and therefore will not result in Nested skulls being distributed. This means that skulls will remain in a Nest until you either leave play while cosplaying as Skull Collector, or another Skull Collector leaves play.
  • If cosplaying as Thief in the Night, you will not immediately get to place the Riches token as if you were hired, but you will still be able to move it at the beginning of the Day Phase, and attack targets at Night if someone has the Riches token.


Cosplay Goblin was a fun and simple Hero to design, with an abiilty that we've wanted to have since the early days of the game but could never find a fair way to balance it.

Since the Goblins are exempt from the stricter balancing rules, this seemed like a great opportunity to get the ability in, while also managing to attach some fun flavour to the character that really suited the ability.

We also really like the idea that it has a somewhat higher skill ceiling than most abilities, by further rewarding players who have a more intimate or off-hand knowledge of the game's Heroes (and are able to change from the most relevant ability to the next on the fly and keep a constant advantage) while not feeling impossible to play for new players, who can still select from the Heroes on the table that they feel are in the best position.