Saolkam Royals

Name: Elena
AKA: Black Knight
Occupation: Royal Guard
Species: Human
Gender: Female
Age: 31
Height: 6'3"
Faction: Dymaer Royals
Loyalty: Saolkam, Dymaer Royals
Enemies: Seraph of Whipsers, Enemies of the Throne
Combat Method: Halberd, Physical (Melee)
Magics: None
Affiliations: Arvoste, Timely Knight, Ikuuinen, Kingslayer


Elena grew up within the Royal Forts, being groomed to be a Knight from a young age due to both her natural talent and strength, and her fortunate connection with one of the most prominent "Knight-Bringer", Arvoste. Arvoste trained her in all ways of combat and discipline her knew how, and brought her to the forefront of her peers as an impressive Soldier who saw her maiden battle early, and was never swayed by defeat. Most importantly to her development, however, must have been Arvoste's connection with Ikuuinen, the ex-Knight and Kingslayer who murdered the previous King of Saolkam, the "Murder King". She developed somewhat of a fascination with the man, and often met him outside the Royal grounds to train or talk, growing up to idolise him.

Due to the Kingslayers unusual nature as a feared murderer who was never punished and allowed to roam free, acting as a savior and protector, Elena herself began to grow as somewhat a loose cannon. She began to disregard rules or regulations that felt restrictive or counter-intuitive, and instead preferred a more brute force approach. She swore loyalty to the city and the throne, and the Royals in name, but made a point of never swearing loyalty to those sitting on the throne or any specific person. She knew that if they ever betrayed their city the way the Murder King had, she would had no qualms with taking them out for the good of the city.

After a certain point she had become so loose and liberal with her interpretation of the Knight's Code that there was a fairly widespread sentiment that she had to go, often treating the castle and walls as her own personal hunting ground, and that she could turn at any time, or was too dangerous to keep near the important people. But as yet, nothing has ever happened to her Knighthood or her post. Her loyalty to protecting those who are loyal has been tried and tested, and her aggression and brutality has only ever been directed at those who appear to be enemy of the throne. She angers quickly and strikes furiously, but she cannot be bought or bribed, and her ferocious battle arm has only ever been directed at those who oppose the throne and city.


  • Elena needs to currently in play at the end of the Night Phase for her first ability to trigger.
  • When Elena attacks a Hero and triggers her second ability, it will not trigger twice if that Hero attacked her both during the current and previous Day Phase.


Elena changed her ability slightly, but her theme has always been vengeful, angry superwoman that you just don't mess with. Unfortunately that didn't show through in her first ability, since everyone messed with her and got away with it.

Initially, her ability was to increase her stats significantly whenever she attacked the last Hero that attacked her. However, to balance this we gave her relatively low stats and high health, so her vengeance attack wouldn't be totally crushing. Unfortunately, this resulted in her either being ignored and forced to attack with low stats, or her being attacked more than once and her having the choice stripped from her, forcing her to attack the last hero that attacked her which might not have been ideal (such as Anglermaiden). Because of this, she resulted in being pretty weak, and not very scary.

So we flipped her stats, making her low hp but pretty strong across the board, and rather than increasing her stats against Heroes, just dealing flat damage to prevent her becoming unstoppable in a fight. It also suited nicely that she could pick and choose who to chase, rather than being restricted by other players' actions. Ever since, she has felt like much more of a threatening presence that people only really attack when they're brave enough, or (think!) they have the support of the rest of the team.

She definitely now feels like quite the scary lass!