Saolkam Citizens

Name: Samsara
AKA: Frogsassin
Occupation: Assassin, Thief
Species: Anuramo
Gender: Female
Age: 32
Height: 5'2"
Faction: None
Loyalty: Herself
Enemies: None
Combat Method: Multiple Daggers
Magics: None
Affiliations: Thief in the Night


Samsara is an assassin and wanderer from distant cities who ventured into Saolkam not long after the Pirate War began. She's quite unique in the sense that she actually chose to stay in the city when she is capable of safely leaving at any time, and actually enjoys being there. She feeds off the danger and dissension in the city, thriving in the chaos and distrust. She feels that a city of thieves and liars is one that she is much more at home in, and much more able to predict the actions of others. It's also a city she never need worry feeling remorse for doing her dark deeds.

She does quite deliberately keep to herself, making sure to stay in the shadows as much as possible from everyone else in the city, and ensuring she remains a secret in the shadows. To this end, she counter-intuitively avoids contact with many of the Owlrats and information dealers in the city, who many of the other assassins and hitmen rely entirely upon. She instead uses trusted middlemen and stolen information to stay informed, valuing her privacy and secrecy above any information on others she might have. She is talented enough to find her targets with unreliable information, but she knows that no one is talented enough to find her with no information on her existence at all.


  • Samsara's ability doesn't triple her Body Stat values, but instead triples the resulting damage dealt by combat. Eg. if Samsara has 9 Body and her Opponent has 7 Body, she would deal 2 Body Damage, which is then tripled to result in 6 Body Damage dealt.
  • This effect stacks with doubled damage dealt when Opponent's Heroes attack with their Body at the same time as Samsara, resulting in 6x damage.
  • Samsara triples all Body Damage that she deals, even non-combat damage, as long as the damage is dealt by Samsara, and not another source such as Strategies.


Samsara was the first Hero created, a very long time before the game became what it is now, long before she even had a name and was simply only known as the Frogsassin (one of her earlier flavour texts was that she was so crafty and agile an assassin that no one could even find her to learn her name).

Her ability has stayed the same since creation, but her specific stats have changed quite a lot (although never by much). Her ability is a very fine-line one that results in significant increases or decreases to her power with very slight balance changes in the game. It doesn't take much for her to become over or underpowered, so her stats needed to be monitored quite closely. We sat with her slightly too weak for quite a while and never even noticed, as her flaw was that bluffing was too often an empty threat for her, and rarely attempted. We wanted players to feel that attacking with Body was a viable option and not just an empty threat, but without making her potential to kill too high.

Interesting fact: her highest damage to another Hero in playtesting so far has been 36!