Galley Captain

Saolkam Royals

Name: Ireya
AKA: None
Occupation: Captain of Navy Galley
Species: Human
Gender: Female
Age: 36
Height: 5'10"
Faction: Dymaer Royals
Loyalty: Royal Navy, Saolkam
Enemies: Gull Pirates
Combat Method: Magic, Rapier
Magics: Force
Affiliations: Safira, Chief Helm Protector , Mage of the Tides


Ireya, who captains the HMS Nariza, is one of the Navy Royals who immediately and happily accepted the help of the Water Mages, while the Royals and many of the leaders on land were much more reserved. Of course, the battle of the waters was much more dire, and help was sorely needed, seen by none more clearly than the Navy at war themselves.

Once the Water Mages began helping, and after the tide-turning Battle of StormWall, Ireya immediately recruited the Mages she had on board her ship and gave them official positions, with the (grudging) blessing of her superiors within the city walls. After the historic battle, her ship became one of note in the war, often surviving the direst of combats and winning many battles that would have been previously lost. Under her command, Safira became the Chief of all the Helm Protectors as one of the most tactically minded mages, and the mage Lynva made a name for herself as one of the most ferocious and enduring Mages in the Navy.

This has resulted in the HMS Nariza becoming one of the flagships of the Fleet, often leading many other ships into large battles, or returning to the cliffsides for brutally effective defences against sneak Pirate attacks.


  • Galley Captain's ability triggers after the Restock step, so your hand will refill up to five before you draw your additional cards. If you already have five or more cards in your hand, you will still draw the additional two.
  • You do not need to draw the additional cards if you choose not to.


This ability was always quite a simple one, and hasn't needed to change much. Having extra cards was a simple advantage in the game to ensure you don't run out, and have a mixture of options, as well as setting yourself up briefly for your next Hire. She is definitely a Hero that benefits more greatly from having the Advanced Strategies in the deck, but we've always been quite okay with a Hero that may work better with Advanced cards than without, to accentuate the experience of adding Advanced cards more than simply having the newer cards themselves.

Her ability has never really changed, although when the hand limit became flat 5, her ability did seem to improve slightly, making her feel more reliably relevant.