Saolkam Citizens

Name: Ikuuinen
AKA: Kingslayer, Roaring Knight (ex)
Occupation: Mercenary, Royal Guard (ex)
Species: Pantheros
Gender: Male
Age: Unknown
Height: 7'4"
Faction: None
Loyalty: Dymaer Royals, Saolkam
Enemies: Enemies of Saolkam
Combat Method: Claymore
Magics: None
Affiliations: Elena, who Angers , Arvoste, Timely Knight


A living legend, the roaring knight of Saolkam, a once proud member of the royal elite, now an ostracised Kingslayer, hated by some, feared by all.

Ikuuinen was an almost unknown figure to the public, just another elite Knight in the castle, until one day he committed regicide without apology. The King of the time, the first Human King of Saolkam, the Murder King as he became known, was a tyrant that had lasted the throne far beyond his time, and was rapidly bringing the city to darkness and ruin under his cruel foot. So when Ikuuinen walked into the Royal Courts and professed his crime, he was spared execution or banishment, instead simply having his Knighthood stripped and removed from Royal service forever.

Decades later, he still lives strong, a mystery to many how he maintains his youthfulness and vigor, but an inspiration to many of the people on the streets, as he seems to be living a life determined to keep Saolkam safe from any kind of danger or death.

He is the Kingslayer, yet by many viewed as saving the Kingdom, and has spent his life ever since protecting it.


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Ikuuinen was one of the original cast of Heroes. He was initially devised as a full art card, simply because none of the other Heroes at the time were. I thought an interesting way to present this would be to have the card frame change, and with it his rules. Rather than having stats and an ability, he would simply have stats. To make up for the lack of ability, his stats would be higher than the locked amount every other hero has, effectively making him a strong vanilla Hero. I felt that a way to prevent abuse from or against him, as well as keeping him difficult to play around, would be to flatten his stats. The bluffing element would be incredibly important against a player with the Hero, as there would be no obvious stat to attack against. It would also be their only saving grace for a lack of an ability against a table of Heroes with many abilities.

As the game updated and progressed, and the rules evolved into what they are now, he actually became one of the most challenging Heroes to balance. He was almost impossibly strong at first, so we weakened him a bit. By then, he was still strong, but never felt worth trying to fight, as people were just smashing their Heroes into a wall for no benefit, and he went largely ignored while he simply beat down everyone else.

To counter this, we put a bounty on him, as it were. With an increased gold value, the idea was that he would appear and dominate the game as a fearsome Hero, almost like a boss, where every Hero would rush to be the one to land the kill and shoot ahead into the lead, while giving Kingslayer all the opportunity to attack everyone in the meantime.

Unfortunately, it didn't work out like that, and what happened was that people wound up dying against him, feeding him gold and eventually forcing other players to give up. We had to weaken him again, and finally got him balanced quite comfortably for a hard, but do-able fight.

By that point though, he had a 3 gold bonus, and it quickly became apparent that now the gold was just too swingy. Whoever landed the kill automatically shot into the lead and would often win. Similarly, any interference Heroes became 'kingmakers' if there was a Kingslayer on the table, as they could dictate what happened to that 3 Gold with a single choice.

So, we yet again rebalanced his stats and reduced his gold value to 2. He no longer feels quite like a sudden boss monster appearing, and instead slots nicely into a challenging and frightening Hero that boasted a valuable prize.