Mage of Tides

Saolkam Royals

Name: Lynva
AKA: Mage of the Tides
Occupation: Helm Protector
Species: Human
Gender: Female
Age: 32
Height: 5'11"
Faction: Dymaer Royals
Loyalty: Royal Navy, Saolkam
Enemies: Gull Pirates
Combat Method: Magic, Physical (Melee)
Magics: Water
Affiliations: Safira, Chief Helm Protector , Galley Captain


The Navy Fleets has suffered for years at the perpetual attacks of the Gulls. Being outnumbered and outmanoeuvred by flying assailants is a tricky situation to deal with, especially when on the shaky and unpredictable tides in the middle of a battle.

When the war started, the Royals were quite outmatched. Their magic and fighting skill could outmatch the Pirates comfortably, but the Pirates could too easily avoid engaging on their terms and relied on agitator attacks and bombardments to throw the Navy ships into chaos before the real fighting begun.

As the war was coming to a very quick and brutal close, the Navy recruited -out of desperation- non-conscripted mages offering their help to save their city. The Royals, being the types to be very concerned with formality and command, were hesitant, but in no position to refuse the offer.

In a surprise twist of fate, these mages outclassed everyone's expectations, protecting the fleet from all manner of pirate assaults. Aerial bombardments came from too high and gave the mages plenty of notice to summon Waterwalls and defensive spells to protect the ships. All of a sudden, many of the Gull tactics were rendered obsolete, forcing the Pirates to engage under much closer fighting quarters, at which the Navy excelled, and turned a very bleak fight into a very even one.

It didn't take long for these mages to be enrolled within the Navy as Helm Protectors and Tidal Mages. Seeing the resounding success, the Navy began quickly recruiting and training many new Mages into the official Navy regime, as they planned on having these incredibly useful combatants on every ship, and in every battle.


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Mage of the Tides went through several changes since her inception, and is one of the earliest Heroes that was designed.

She was originally Mage of the Earth, with a theme and art of summon rocks and boulders around her to protect herself. She was flavoured as gutsy and bold, daring enemies to come and face her head on, despite her relatively thin, albeit tall stature.

Her ability simply ignored all non-combat damage without exception. This suited more, as this was at a time before damage was clearly split up into the three stat types. She began to fall out out of the shortlists to get on the final Hero pool however, as there weren't enough abilities that utilised her ability, and in playtesting she just felt like a vanilla Hero with mediocre stats.

As the advanced strategies came in, and some more mentions of non-combat damage were applied, we looked at her again. We were needing another Hero for the Royal pool and she suited nicely. We redesigned her as Mage of the Tides, a protector of the royal navy fleet, with much the same flavour and abilities, but one more appropriate to the developed setting of the game.

We liked the idea of having some of the Pirates and Royals counter each others abilities to suit the flavour, and her ability nicely countered the Bombardiers, protecting her from the damage every turn. By this point though, we thought her ability blocking all damage ubiquitously was a bit too broad and might affect future expansions too much, so we limited it down.

However we ran into similar problems in playtesting, especially with no advanced strategies being played, where she felt slightly underwhelming because her ability didn't come up quite often enough. The solution to this was to add conditional health regen to her (and is the only Hero currently that does this). This means that it puts pressure on players to either make Mages' ability relevant, or to allow a Hero to outlast them. This would allow her to remain relevant at all stages of the game, in one form or another.