Nocturnal Networker

Saolkam Citizens

Name: Vushuroo
AKA: None
Occupation: Information Dealer
Species: Owlrat (Strigiforattus)
Gender: Male
Age: 25
Height: 3'8"
Faction: None
Loyalty: Saolkam
Enemies: Dymaer Royals
Combat Method: Physical (Talons)
Magics: None
Affiliations: Thief in the Night


Vushuroo had grown up,as many Owlrats in Saolkam do, as a runner and information carrier throughout the city. With the dangerous streets and constant movement of riches or criminals, information and up to date knowledge had become a commodity in its own right, either for those needing to know the safe routes, or those needing to know the best targets. The Royals, known for their secret-keeping and lies, hate the presence of information dealers and tend to make an effort to clear anyone associated with such trades. Owlrats though, creatures clever in the arts of hiding underground or in the skies, are notoriously hard to get rid of, and very capable of scattering at a moments notice, making them perfect for such ventures.

Vushuroo is a particularly talented at creating social connections and gathering information, making his network so up to date and involved that he often began being hired by the District Captains. This is something many Owlrats avoid, not wanting to come too close to the attentions of the Royals, but Vushuroo was never one to fear the risks. He is brazen and ambitious, spending many nights flying information and contracts to a District Captain, then flying much of the same information to thieves and highwayman on the other side of the city.


  • Networker's ability is immediate, and happens even if Networker is immediately removed due to abilities such as Crow of the Storms being hired at the same time.
  • After you have looked at the 5 Hero cards and selected one, you return them to the top of the Hero deck in the same order.
  • When Networker leaves play, you don't have to Hire the Hero chosen by his ability, and may instead Hire a Hero from the deck regularly. If you do this though, the Hero you set aside is removed from the game, and you can no longer Hire them any more.
  • If there are no Hero cards left in the Hero deck when Networker is Hired, his ability does not activate.


The Networker was always meant to be a Hero about expanding your selection and allowing a bit more of a strategic selection in your Heroes. He used to be the only way to look at Heroes before Hiring, but we realised the ability should be in the game in general, so made him more impactful. He also used to have his ability upon leaving play, but it felt more like he did nothing or gave too little immediate impact, as well as suffering from surviving too late and having no Heroes to select from when he died.

Giving him the ability immediately made him stand out a bit more from the "look at two, keep one" rule, and made sure his effect was guaranteed to occur. It also meant you'd know in advance what you have, and could play around the decision, although he has remained a tricky hero to balance. We felt he required a dump stat so that players wouldn't feel stuck with a Hero that basically no longer had an ability, but stats still capable of dealing damage in the meantime.