Peg-Legged Raider

Gull Pirates

Name: Jai Juk
AKA: None
Occupation: Able Bodied Sailor, Raider
Species: Gull (Laridomoae)
Gender: Male
Age: 27
Height: 5'3"
Faction: Gull Pirates
Loyalty: Gull Pirates
Enemies: Royal Navy, Safira
Combat Method: Wing Knives, Physical (Talon, Claws, Beak)
Magics: None
Affiliations: Bombardier Quads


This particular Raider is one who feels that nothing can stop him from reaching his goals, which are primarily riches and fortune. A lifelong member of the Gull Fleet, he's been involved in the Pirate War of Saolkam since the beginning, and has been one of the most effective Raiders employed to attack the outlying villages and even break through to the city on flyover raids.

When the Pirates were on the cusp of winning an early victory, the Water Mages were brought into the Navy as a last resort defence, which took the Pirates unexpectedly and harshly. Jai Juk lost his leg during at the Battle of StormWall, courtesy of Safira, one of the early Water Mages adopted by the Navy, who eventually grew to become one of the prominent faces in the Navy.

Not so easily defeated, Jai Juk survived the battle and escaped to safety, donning a Peg-Leg and showing no signs of lost hope. His determination and ambition have only brought him more fame and fortune in the war, as he has been becoming a well respected raid leader requested by many of the Nest Fleet ships, and becoming even a recognisable leg in Saolkam due to his persistently successful raids.


  • The cards are discarded before you choose which card to take, meaning your Opponents get to see which cards were all discarded, and which card you choose to keep.


The Raider has changed in visual and name design more than his ability or stats, which have remained pretty much the same since inception.

He was our first Gull Pirate design, so we wanted to give him a really clear-cut ability and flavour that would leave nothing to doubt. A peg-leg, pirate-style clothes and bandana, and a thieving ability. It's one of the few in the game, but we wanted to really sell the idea that not only are the pirates annoying and a hassle, but that they hassle everyone, and not just one specific group. The Gulls are everywhere, they're universal and universally problematic, so we had to make sure that his ability affected the whole board, even though he obviously couldn't benefit as much as that on his own.