Seraph of Whispers

Saolkam Citizens

Name: Ellerion
AKA: Seraph
Occupation: Cleric / Prophet
Species: Human
Gender: Non-binary
Age: Unknown
Height: 5'9"
Faction: None
Loyalty: Themselves, Their cult
Enemies: None
Combat Method: Magic
Magics: Wind, Weather Manipulation
Affiliations: None


The Seraph is a treasured member of Saolkam's church, admired by members of the public for their reassuring words and near-constant positive energy. Their presence within the city walls provides a much needed link between the average citizens of Saolkam and the corrupt Royals in power. On the flip side, those who have reason to distrust the Seraph find their presence and mannerisms to be unnerving and oddly intimidating in face-to-face conversations, as well as the worship ridiculous. Some rumors even make mention that the seraph's clothing is made from the feathers of fallen gull pirates.

Among the Royals, opinions on keeping this sort of external figurehead around are split. It is generally accepted that their presence does no harm and getting rid of them would stir up some anger among their followers. However, a fair concern is that should the Seraph ever decide to turn against the Royals for their own gain, they have more than enough support behind them to actually pose a serious threat. After being pressured from their higher-ups, the Seraph has joined the ongoing battles within the cities districts to aid morale and help keep the peace. Whether they return from battle victorious or are defeated, both outcomes are beneficial to the Royals- needless to say, the Seraph does not fight with much investment for their captain or the Royals' cause and is just keen to prolong their own life.

After a lifetime of using manipulation to get what they want over honing their combat skills, the Seraph chooses to stray away from danger on the battlefield by doing what they do best; turning would-be opponents against each other.


  • When you force an Opponent to attack a player, they do so during their next available opportunity, whether that is later in the current Day Phase, or during the next Day Phase.
  • An Opponent being forced to attack by Seraph's ability is not a free attack, and does count as their turn, they just don't get to choose the target.
  • The Opponent being forced to attack still uses their Strategy cards and can still choose which cards to play.
  • If the Opponent defeats a Hero while attacking under Seraph's ability, that Opponent still claims the Skull as regular play.


Seraph is one of the Heroes who has done a bit of yoyo-ing with their design. Their art and theme was decided quite quickly and comfortably, and left us with a style of Hero that felt unique to the rest of them, as well as an ability with interesting potential. Their current ability is actually very similar to what it started off as, but with some tweaks to their stats and costs. The ability was much the same, but with lower and more flattened stats, testers found it very difficult to actually follow up the forced attacks and get kills, essentially just leaving them in a safe and useless bubble in the game.

Some time ago though, it was much more aggressively playable and could be repeated during the Night Phase, allowing them to set up large chains of complicated attacks that'd affect the whole field. This was sort of the idea we wanted in theme, but felt completely abusable in game, as it was very possible to just out-last everyone and easily collect the Last Hero Standing bonus by forcing everyone to fight and leave you alive, even at only 1 Health.

Eventually we did bring them back to the same original ability, although made the card discard random instead of selected, and gave them a spike stat. This would make Seraph predictable in combat and easy to attack or counter in theory, but the Seraph's main danger point was that they could set up attacks with other people, then jump in for a snipe at the end, only focussed on dealing enough final damage to get the kill, without worrying so much about maximising bluffs or cleverness.

We did also get some comments during testing about the Seraph taking choice or fun away from players, and were ready to change the ability entirely but we never did, partially because we'd need to add far too many complications and rules. and partially because we also got contrary feedback (which we began to agree with) that sometimes that's just the way of the game. Someone will do something you're not quite happy with, and the best thing you can do is get revenge. Get their skull!