Superstar Fish

Saolkam Citizens

Name: Ringo
AKA: Badass
Occupation: Rock Star
Species: Asteromos
Gender: Male
Age: 29
Height: 5'7"
Faction: None
Loyalty: Saolkam, Mer
Enemies: Gull Pirates, Music Haters
Combat Method: Physical (Melee), Power of Rock
Magics: None
Affiliations: None


Not just a rockstar, but a superstar. Loved and followed obsessively by his fans, Ringo has shown to be a master musician of all instruments he needs to play, including the Clam Drums and the Fishrib Guitar.

Many other of the entertainers of Saolkam either keep themselves to themselves, trying to maintain a safe life away from the dangers of the city, or use their fame and influence to protect themselves or their riches.

This Superstar however, has felt that Saolkam cannot be saved by the power of his rock alone, and he needs to take on all challenges in his city, including fighting the dangers head on, and in the most metal way possible.


  • If Superstar Fish defeats himself with the recoil damage from his own ability, you may claim his own Skull.


The Superstar is one of the very first Heroes designed, and was actually a bit of a joke that got carried a long way. My girlfriend wanted to see it done while I was spitballing ideas, and it wound up being quite popular in testing and at-a-glance, just as something a bit more lighthearted and self-contained. Although we do like the idea of this overarching story across the game setting, we do also want to try to allow the players to feel that there is more in the world than just one faction fighting another, that it affects the other people in the city and that not all of them will be connected or involved intricately. We also quite like the idea that some of the characters are a bit more light and relaxed and lend some pacing to the story of the game, so the Starfish just remained through all stages of testing.

His ability and stats are even completely unchanged from his initial design, which is probably the only Hero to have done so. His ability initially did stem from just wanting to suit to his flavour of a shuriken body (so wasn't taken too seriously at first) but realised that this turned him into quite an impressive sniper and kill-stealer with a decent stat balance that allowed him to deal consistent damage, but put him on a very definite clock as he would take damage and had a weak spot.