Thief in the Night

Saolkam Citizens

Name: Kasokai
AKA: Thief in the Night
Occupation: Highwayman, Thief
Species: Vulpixom
Gender: Male
Age: 41
Height: 5'3"
Faction: None
Loyalty: Himself
Enemies: Dymaer Royals
Combat Method: Rapier
Magics: None
Affiliations: Samsara, Frogsassin, Nocturnal Networker


The city of Saolkam is a dangerous place, filled with murderers, assassins, corrupt district captains and much, much more. And where there is misery and disdain, there are people to benefit from it. And where there are people benefiting and profiting from the downtrodden, there are those who prey on their wealth.

Learning from living on the streets, may urchins grow up to be skilled pickpockets and highwaymen who target the rich and wealthy members of the city, stopping their carriages and preying on the unexpected.

The theifs primarily choose target who are wandering the streets and roads in the midst of the night. Those wealthy few who are travelling from afar with all their possessions, or taking a leisurely walk home from the grand ball. all the while, completely unaware of the thief in the night.

"Your money or your life!"


  • You can only have one Riches token on an Opponent at a time, they do not stack up each round.
  • You may leave the token on the same Opponent, or move it to someone else, at the beginning of the Day Phase.
  • The attack is free and immediate, happening before the Night Phase ends, and not counting as your attack for next Day Phase.
  • The free attack is still counted as regular attacks as it is during the Day Phase, meaning both you and your Opponent may play Strategy Cards.
  • The +3 bonuses to All Stats only remain during this free attack and will not stack each Night Phase.


Kasokai was one of the original Heroes designed, and has retained a fairly similar ability throughout, although the specifics and timing have changed regularly to suit updating rules, stat changes and balancing issues.

We also wanted him to be a thief and maintain that highwayman feel, someone who appeared and threatened, but ultimately left the choice up to the other player as to whether they wanted to hand over their goods, or face the danger of death. With his bonus on his attack, he becomes one of the most aggressively statted Heroes in the game, even with his low health, and is very capable of dealing serious damage to any Hero (although is still able to get hurt, we made sure), but also tried to make sure that paying up was an equally difficult choice that would lead a player to have to consider the situation.

Due to this hard choice (that actually started off a lot less painful for the targeted player), we made sure there was an escape clause, by giving them warning before the choice, and a chance to have the Thief defeated before ever even needing to deal with it. Of course, when he appears during the Night Phase or late in the Day, he becomes a powerful threat that can fill up his hand or get easy kills on key targets. But we have found he is somewhat of a lightning rod, and doesn't tend to last too many Days, with the whole board becoming scared that they might be targeted next!