Timely Knight

Saolkam Royals

Name: Arvoste
AKA: None
Occupation: Royal Guard, Training Overseer
Species: Human
Gender: Male
Age: 72
Height: 6'1"
Faction: Dymaer Royals
Loyalty: Saolkam, Dymaer Royals
Enemies: Gull Pirates
Combat Method: Sword & Shield
Magics: None
Affiliations: Elena, who Angers, Ikuuinen, Kingslayer


Arvoste is one of the few people in the city who knew Ikuuinen, the Kingslayer, before the regicide of the Murder King, and has maintained contact since. This has put him in a very beneficial position of understanding why Ikuuinen made such a choice, and having had the opportunity to have trained personally under the single most feared warrior in all Saolkam.

Although Ikuuinen doesn't seem to have aged a day since then, Arvoste has grown from a child in training, to become one of the most noted Heroes in the city, and through to becoming a widely respected recruiters and trainers of Royal Knights, or "Knight-Bringers" as they've become known more colloquially. He scouts and finds youths who demonstrate incredible potential, and brings them into the Royal grounds to be trained for several years with the most advanced and powerful techniques, many of which were developed by himself or his trainer, Ikuuinen.

Most notable of these is likely Elena, a young girl who had a natural hand for swordplay. He spent decades bringing her up to be one of the most respected and feared Knights in the city, due in part to his and her relationship to Ikuuinen himself, who had taken an interest in the girl and become involved in her training.

Because of his activity with the youths and the Pirate War, Arvoste has remained incredibly healthy and effective with a weapon. Even though his age has certainly put him at a disadvantage, and he keeps out of battles where possible, no one doubts that when it does come to a time of combat, he is perfectly capable of defending himself with surprising ferocity and technique.


  • When Arvoste redirects an attack to himself, the entire combat is then treated as if Arvoste was the original attack target.
  • Abilities that happen immediately upon attack declaration that are redirected to Arvoste, will now target Arvoste as if he was the original attack target.


The Timely Knight was a fun Hero to design. Not at first though, he started off a fun concept but became gruelling and hard to play. He didn't used to have the redirection ability and relied instead on diving directly into target Heroes and deliberately punishing himself on them with his incredibly low stats (lower than they currently are), and low Health. The idea was that he'd show up, dive at the player in the lead, give them the nerf Skull, and be replaced.

In practice though, it didn't work out like that. He lasted more than a turn or two at the best of times, players still felt naturally inclined to try and win the fight, which slowed his defeat even more, and at the end of it testers felt like even if they correctly gave the Skull to the right person, they got nothing out of it themselves, and just spent the past three turns falling behind while doing the rest of the table a favour.

We were going to drastically lower the stats even more, and turn him into a kamikaze style Hero that would run and be defeated in one turn, but then the idea was suggested to let him play his role more, and be chivalrous, to take the Final Fantasy Knight route of jumping in front of villains to protect the weak.

And with that, we buffed his stats a bit, giving players the option to bomb into enemies for quick kamikaze's, or the option to fight back hard and deal damage while the enemy held their own punches. It seems to have worked quite well, as during testing we have been noticing the occasional time where Arvoste can simple take over the game as none dare challenge him!