Saolkam Citizens

Name: Barrastoro
AKA: None
Occupation: Wall Protector
Species: Toise
Gender: Male
Age: 36
Height: 5'11"
Faction: None
Loyalty: Saolkam
Enemies: None
Combat Method: Sword & Cleaver
Magics: Fortify
Affiliations: Clifftop Captain


Most vital to the protection of Saolkam's walls are the Toises, whose heavy shells and tough constitutions render them almost impervious to attack from those who would breach the city's limits. Although Wall Protectors are only conscripted in times of extreme peril, most Toises voluntarily choose the prestigious profession once they come of age, and Barrastoro was no exception to this.

Drawn to join the ranks by the tales of bravery he'd lived for as a hatchling, he soon found that life at the Walls was rather more mundane than he'd expected - due in part to the sheer competence of both his ancestors and his current peers. Nowadays, however, after decades of service, he has plenty of those tales to tell for himself.


  • Wartoise's ability reduces all Reflexes damage, regardless of whether it's combat or non-combat.


Wartoise was one of the original Heroes designed for the game, and designed largely as a yin to Samsara's yang. I wanted him to be defensive instead of aggressive, and to have one high stat, but two important stats to worry about, with the potential to either fall to pieces quickly if all goes wrong, or to gradually take control of the board in a frightening way if he's allowed to.

His ability has remained entirely the same since he was created, with the exception of the amount of damage reduced changing slightly from time to time. After a stat overhaul where many Heroes' stats were changed, it was eventually decided to lower his reduction to 3, feeling that any more was just cancelling out too much damage from every fight.

I also quite liked the idea of having a Hero that couldn't necessarily kill quite as assuredly and quickly as some, but was also more of a tank, and could remain on the field for long enough to make up the difference, as well as denying other players his own Skull. He has the potential to hit hard and defend hard, while also shoving his glaring weak spot in your face and then saying 'can't touch this'.